Amazing Fish

Blonde Naso Tang

What’s cool about the Blonde Naso Tang? The Blonde Naso Tang aka the Orange-spine Unicornfish, has a bright Orange Spine …
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Bluespine Unicorn Tang

What about the BlueSpine Unicorn Tang? The Unicorn Tang is is a beautiful large Tang growing u to 2 feet …
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Purple Tang

What’s cool about the Purple Tang? The Purple Tang is blue to purple in color with a yellow tail and …
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What about the Maculosus? The Maculosus is a beautiful large angelfish also known as the yellowbar angelfish for its bright …
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Chrysurus Angelfish

The Chrysurus Angelfish, Pomacanthus chrysurus, also referred to as the Goldtail Angelfish or Ear Spot Angelfish. The goldtail angelfish a …
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Midnight parrotfish

Midnight parrotfishes (Scarus coelestinus), aka nightowl parrots are large blue and black parrotfishes with bright blue unscaled heads and a …
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Moorish Idol

What’s so cool about the Moorish Idol? The Moorish idol is the only species in the Family Zanclidae. It is …
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Blue Dot Stingray

What about the Blue dot stingray? The Blue Dot Stingray also known as the Blue-Spotted Ribbon Tail Ray and/or Blue-Spotted …
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Pinnatus Batfish

Pinnatus Batfish is a gem and rare addition to the aquarium. As a juvenile and adolescents, the pinnatus batfish displays …
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