Who is paying attention?

No one. Everyone is busy doing what their life needs and desires. We participate in life. Technology has many if us working remotely, ordering food via delivery services, ordering everything online, and for those of us that choose to venture beyond the front door it usually to an event, groceries, school, or work.

Be seen in the noise.

Promote your business with a image and/or video on our Uber TV screens. Millions of people use Uber vehicles daily to commute to work, an event, to work, and several other reasons. Capture this huge and growing captive audience with adg2.

Our screens are placed directly in view of the riding passenger(s). A typical ride in an Uber is 16 minutes or longer. During this time your ad is in placed in rotation with other advertisers. Each advertiser is given 35 seconds per ad. A advertiser may occupy more than 1 slot but more than 3.

We recommend video to best capture your audience although images are allowed. Our customer service reps will help you to create and launch you advertisement as part of your monthly fee. 1 month minimum required.