Blue Dot Stingray

What about the Blue dot stingray?

The Blue Dot Stingray also known as the Blue-Spotted Ribbon Tail Ray and/or Blue-Spotted Stingray. It is an rare and beautiful addition to your aquarium. The body is tan with light blue spots. The Blue Dot Stingray’s body will typically grows to the size of a dinner plate give or take plus the extension of the tail being a few inches long relative to the body size. 155 Gallon tank or larger with little to no obstacles on the ground to allow the Blue Dot Stingray with room to swim.


The Blue Dot Stingray requires a sand substrate to prevent its abdomen from scratching on harder substrates. Scratches on the abdomen of the Stingray may result in an infection. It likes to cover itself with the soft substrate as camouflage. The tail spine is venomous and only used for protection. Be careful when netting it, or when performing maintenance on your aquarium. Keep the temperature between sg  72-78° F,  alkalinity between 8-12,  and pH range from 8.1-8.4

What do you feed the Blue dot stingray?

The Blue Dot Stingray will often starve itself when placed in captivity. The best way to get them eating is to use squid. Do not by the chopped squid. Buy the frozen squid whole. The strong smell of the squid and its natural appetite for squid will encourage the Blue Dot Stingray to eat.


*Never exposed Stingrays or Sharks to copper-based medications. Sharks and Stingrays are made mostly out of cartilage. Exposing them to copper may be damaging to their body and sensory system. Alternatives to Copper.

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