Should I use baking soda to increase the PH?

Baking Soda may be used as to increase your ph however it will also increase the alkalinity in your aquarium. Raising the alkalinity to dangerous levels may kill you fish.

Signs of high alkalinity in the water?

– Fish losing color
– Fish with fin rot
– fish with popeye
– Fish darting sporadically
– Fish looking lethargic
– Lack of appetite

How to test for alkalinity?
For the marine aquarium your fish will typically require alkalinity of 8 to 12KH (Carbonate Hardness). See item below.
Anything above 12 may be toxic to your marine fish.

Great test for Alkalinity below:

API 3 Pack of Carbonate KH Test Kits for Fresh and Salt Water Aquariums

How do I raise my PH without raising the alkalinity?

The best and safest way to raise the PH in your tank is by using Balance.

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